LANDMARK Industrial is a leading benzoic acid supplier in China. We provide world-class quality benzoic acid, which is used in the paint and coating industry and unsaturated polyester composite resins.

Benzoic acid is the most basic among aromatic carboxylic acids. This product is the base material used to manufacture many end products including alkyd resins. When used in alkyd resin applications, it can improve gloss, hardness and chemical resistance. Benzoic acid is also used in other applications, including pharmaceuticals, personal care, and specific industrial applications. Benzoic acid can be used as a preservative because it can improve storage stability and reduce corrosion when used in emulsion formulations, liquid detergents, paints, polishes, and waxes.

LANDMARK Industrial-Benzoic Acid Supplier,Benzoic Acid Manufacturer

LANDMARK Industrial is the world's leading supplier of benzoic acid, which is used as an intermediate by manufacturers of alkyd resins and polyester resins. LANDMARK Industrial focuses on providing excellent service, best quality products and product management to ensure the highest customer satisfaction.

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