Cinnamic Acid | CAS 140-10-3 | C9H8O2

Product  Name: Cinnamic Acid

Other names: trans-cinnamic acid; trans-3-Phenylacrylic acid; (2E)-3-Phenylacrylic acid; 2-Propenoic acid, 3-phenyl-, (E)-;

CAS No.: 140-10-3

Molecular formula: C9H8O2

Product Description

Product Information

Cinnamic acid is an organic compound with molecular formula C9H8O2, CAS No.: 140-10-3. It is a white crystalline compound, slightly soluble in water, and easily soluble in many organic solvents. Classified as an unsaturated carboxylic acid, it naturally occurs in many plants. It exists as cis and trans isomers, but the latter is more common.

Cinnamic acid is a central intermediate in the biosynthesis of countless natural products, including lignin and lignocellulose, flavonoids, isoflavones, coumarins, golden ketones, stilbene, catechins, and phenylpropane. Its biosynthesis is carried out by the action of phenylalanine ammonia-lyase (PAL) on phenylalanine.

Product  Name: Cinnamic Acid

Other names: trans-3-Phenylacrylic acid; trans-cinnamic acid; (2E)-3-Phenylacrylic acid; 2-Propenoic acid, 3-phenyl-, (E)-;

CAS No.: 140-10-3

Molecular formula: C9H8O2

Uses: daily flavors, food flavors, industrial flavors, tobacco flavors

Water solubility: slightly soluble

Molecular weight: 148.1586

Molar mass: 148.16 g/mol
Melting point: 131-136ºC

Boiling point: 300.ºC

Flashpoint: >230 degrees Fahrenheit/166ºC

Refractive index: 1.555 (20ºC)

PH: 3-4 (0.4g/l, H2O, 20 degrees Celsius)
Properties: White to pale yellow crystalline powder

Purity: ≥99%

Packaging: 25kg kraft paper bag

Storage method: Store at RT. pay attention to the fire source, especially to avoid sunlight, and store it in a cool place.

Solubility: Soluble in ethanol, methanol, petroleum ether, chloroform, soluble in benzene, ether, acetone, glacial acetic acid, carbon disulfide and oil, insoluble in cold water.

Cinnamic acid information

Cinnamic acid structure

Cinnamic acid structure

Product Usage

Cinnamic acid usage:

Cinnamic acid is an important substance because it is widely used in perfume, food, photography, polymer and pharmaceutical industries, as well as in clinical and toxicological research. So far, many methods have been reported for its determination, such as titration, differential pulse polarography, spectrophotometry, mass spectrometry, high-performance liquid chromatography, electrokinetic capillary chromatography, capillary electrophoresis, gas chromatography, and liquid chromatography. Phase chromatography. However, these methods have many shortcomings, such as long response time, large reagent consumption, and complicated operation.

Cinnamic acid function:

1. Cinnamic acid can be used as a raw material for cosmetics;

2. Cinnamic acid can also be used as a fresh-keeping powder;

3. Cinnamic acid has the functions of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, anti-mutation and anti-ultraviolet radiation.

Cinnamic acid application:

Cinnamic acid is widely used in flavors and fragrances, food additives, pesticide industry, pharmaceutical industry, beauty, pesticides, organic synthesis, pharmaceutical intermediates, etc.

1. Used as flavors and fragrances in daily use and cosmetics

It can be used as an aromatic mixture in soap, shampoo, washing powder and daily cosmetics. Cinnamic acid is used in apple flavor, cherry flavor, fruit flavor and floral fragrance. It has the effect of inhibiting the formation of black tyrosinase, has a certain isolation effect on ultraviolet rays, and can make brown spots lighten or even disappear. It is one of the essential ingredients of advanced sunscreen. Cinnamic acid itself is a kind of spice, has a good fragrance preservation effect. It is usually used as a raw material for incense to make the aroma of the main incense more volatile.

2. Widely used in the pharmaceutical industry as a pharmaceutical intermediate

In the pharmaceutical industry, it can be used as an important drug for the synthesis and treatment of coronary heart disease. The important drugs for the treatment of coronary heart disease are endoamidine and Xintongping, as well as chloramphenicol and cinnamon phenazine. It can be used to make "Xinkean", local anesthetics, fungicides, and hemostatic agents. Medicine etc. It can also synthesize chlorobenzamide and cinnamyl piperazine, which can be used as a spinal bone relaxant and antispasmodic. Mainly used for cerebral thrombosis, cerebral arteriosclerosis, coronary arteriosclerosis and other diseases. It has an obvious inhibitory effect on the proliferation of lung adenocarcinoma cells.

3. Organic Synthesis

Inorganic chemical synthesis, cinnamic acid can be used as a slow-release agent for galvanized sheets, a heat stabilizer for polyvinyl chloride, a crosslinking agent for polyurethane, a flame retardant for hydantoin and polycaprolactam, and a chemical analysis reagent. It is also a reagent for determining the separation of uranium and vanadium; it is also the most important synthetic raw material for negative photosensitive resin. Mainly synthesize lauric acid ester, polyvinyl alcohol cinnamate, ethoxy ethyl cinnamate, epoxy resin and cinnamate. Used in plastics, it can be used as a heat stabilizer for PVC, sterilization, mildew, and deodorant. It can also be added to rubber and foam to make deodorant shoes and insoles. It can also be used for cotton and various synthetic fibers, leather and paint.

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Certificate of Analysis

Test ItemStandardResult
AppearanceThe white or light yellow crystalline powderWhite crystalline powder
Melting Point≥133 degrees Celsius133.5~133.6 degrees Celsius
Heavy metal≤10 ppm<10 ppm
Loss on drying≤0.50%0.37%
Sulfated ash≤0.10%0.03%

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