Benefits of Cinnamyl Alcohol for the Skin

Aug. 08, 2022

Cinnamyl alcohol may be one of those ingredients you see on labels, but before you start scratching your head, the name should give you a hint about what it is and what it does. Cinnamyl alcohol is a perfume that contains cinnamon and balsam extracts, which are used to fragrance cosmetics and skin care products.


Cinnamyl alcohol is commonly used as a fragrance or flavoring ingredient. This ingredient is commonly found in perfumes, bath products, anti-aging skin care products, deodorants, and other cosmetic-like products.


What is cinnamyl alcohol?

Cinnamyl alcohol is an organic compound (when talking about chemicals, this just means it comes from carbon) that is often used as a fragrance ingredient in cosmetics. Although it is naturally occurring, it is in high demand as a fragrance ingredient and is therefore usually produced synthetically.


It can be found in anything that has a fragrance. The primary purpose of cinnamyl alcohol is to scent beauty products such as perfumes, bath products, anti-aging skin care products and deodorants. Containing cinnamon and balsam extracts, it produces a hyacinth-like aroma with floral and spicy notes. It is known to provide a strong and often pleasant fragrance when added to products.

Cinnamyl Alcohol

 Cinnamyl Alcohol      


What products contain cinnamyl alcohol?

Anything that has a scent. Cinnamyl alcohol may be found in moisturizers, cleansers, perfumes, deodorants, hair care products, cosmetics, and toothpaste."


Benefits of cinnamyl alcohol for the skin

Keep in mind that any benefits of cinnamyl alcohol come with a caveat. Unfortunately, cinnamyl alcohol can cause skin irritation and allergies. Honestly, I don't know of any benefits to this ingredient other than its pleasant aroma. It may be 'safer' than some other common fragrance ingredients because it has been shown in some clinical studies to be non-toxic and non-irritating. However, conflicting studies have shown it to be a skin sensitizer.


These are the benefits of cinnamyl alcohol for the skin.


Imparts fragrance: The main benefit of cinnamyl alcohol on the skin is its hyacinth flower fragrance.

Revitalizes scalp cells: "When used in hair care products, cinnamyl alcohol stimulates scalp cells and eliminates impurities without stripping them of their natural, healthy oils.


How to use cinnamyl alcohol?

The best way to use cinnamyl alcohol is as an ingredient in cosmetics. Because of its irritating properties, it is best to pair it with soothing ingredients that can counteract or reverse skin irritation that may occur." Some of these types of ingredients include ceramides, niacinamide, and aloe vera.


When using cinnamyl alcohol in skin care products, it is recommended that you avoid other skin irritants that can overload the skin and cause various skin reactions. Some potential irritants that I would stay away from include but are not limited to other fragrances, sulfates, and glycolic acid.


For those with sensitive skin, it's best to avoid cinnamon alcohol altogether. "I don't recommend looking for this ingredient because it doesn't do any good for the skin. Although it has been proven to be non-toxic, it can still irritate the skin.

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