Does Adding Essence in Cosmetics Make People Allergic?

Sep. 18, 2020

Let’s talk about the essence of cosmetics today. Flavors are often considered to be allergens, so are essence true for the human body?

What is the Flavor?

Flavors are artificially synthesized concentrated aromatic oils that mimic the scent of fruits and natural flavors. The first flavor synthesized by humans is vanillin, which is used in your soap, toothpaste, and perfume.

What needs to be particularly noted here is that essence is not a single substance, it is a mixture of several, dozens, or even hundreds of fragrances, so you must have heard of a very noble profession in the cosmetics field-perfume division.

In addition to the variety of blends, the classification of flavors is different due to different aromas, flavors, or uses. For example, according to the purpose, it can be divided into cream cosmetics flavors, oil wax cosmetics flavors, powder cosmetics flavors, detergent cosmetics flavors, perfume cosmetics flavors, toothpaste flavors, etc.; According to the form, it can be divided into the water-soluble flavor, oil-soluble flavor, emulsified flavor, powder flavor, and so on.

Flavor Materials

It is precise because of the complexity of the flavor itself that some of the ingredients that can be used as spices are indeed allergens, and some may even cause cancer. Whether the flavor is safe or not depends on the specific addition of various flavor ingredients.

The regulations of various countries ban or restrict some ingredients, and some large cosmetic companies also have strict requirements for fragrance ingredients. For example, our requirement for flavor suppliers is to ensure that dozens of flavor ingredients are not added while complying with domestic regulations.

Therefore, for most people, the fragrance in cosmetics will not cause allergies and harm. However, there are exceptions to everything. It is true that a small number of people have allergies, just like some people are allergic to certain foods, it is caused by individual differences. For these people, there are two options:

One is to use products without flavors. Now there are many products that do not contain flavors and pigments. Relatively speaking, the allergenic factors are lower;

The second is to try it behind the ear before use. After 48 hours, there is no abnormal reaction before continuing to use. If you have any skin allergies, you need to stop using this product and go to the dermatologist of the hospital for treatment.

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