Does the Perfume really never Expire?

Oct. 30, 2020

1. Will the perfume in the bottle evaporate? How to preserve perfume? Can the perfume after the expiration date be used?

The perfume contains alcohol and will evaporate. The reason why perfume emits the fragrance is that alcohol evaporates and brings out the flavor of fragrance.

Perfume has a longer shelf life than skincare products and cosmetics. Usually, perfume can be stored for about three to five years after leaving the factory. Proper preservation can extend the life of perfume. The basic preservation method is as follows:

◆Store in a cool place, avoid sunlight and indoor temperature difference environment, to prevent the smell and color change.

◆Keep the perfume nozzle clean and dry. Cover the bottle cap after use to avoid the volatilization and deterioration of the alcohol in the perfume.

◆The storage temperature of perfume is recommended to be between 10℃-27℃. It is recommended to use the opened perfume within the shelf life. Although the unopened perfume will not affect the use after the expiration date, the fragrance will change, which will affect the feeling of use.

Cinnamyl alcohol

Cinnamyl alcohol

2.What fragrances are generally divided into perfumes? Which emotions are usually suitable for these fragrances?

Perfume is classified according to the fragrance family, which can be divided into citrus fragrance, floral fragrance, plant fragrance, fern fragrance, citrus moss fragrance, wood fragrance, and oriental fragrance.

Citrus scent: The shining vitality from citrus peel brings fresh, bright and vivid scent.

Floral fragrance: delicate, sweet, happy, reminiscent of spring, floral fragrance always makes it easy for women to fall in love with it.

Plant fragrance: fresh, natural, soothing, and relaxing body and mind.

Fern notes: fragrant, clean, soft, and delicate.

Citrus Moss Scent: Brings an earthy forest fragrance in autumn.

Woody notes: warm or dry woody notes that make people feel comfortable and calm.

Oriental fragrance: warm and sensual, full of alluring.

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