How Do You Add Flavor To Baked Goods?

Feb. 22, 2022

The world of retail bakeries is undergoing a natural shift in taste and color. The use of natural colors and flavors is becoming mainstream. As a result, consumer expectations of natural colors and flavorings are that they are a "no-brainer" alternative to artificial substitutes.


This means that natural options taste great, don't produce off-flavors, are rich in color, and have strong appetite appeal. Consumer demand for clean and clear labels is one of the most important factors driving the growth of plant-based colors and flavors.


Shoppers looking for clean-label products want short ingredient lists that are free of artificial flavors, colors, and certain additives. A study found that 69 percent of consumers said simple, identifiable ingredients influence their purchasing decisions, while 66 percent said they are looking for labels with the shortest ingredient lists.

Applications of Cinnamaldehyde   

"In addition, consumers have become very concerned about their personal health," Wright explained. "They are increasingly looking for foods that can help support aspects of overall health, such as immunity and mental health. The use of natural flavors is important to provide a great taste experience for food formulations that are better suited to your needs. Indicating flavors that may be beneficial to health is appealing to consumers. For example, citrus flavors are often associated with naturally occurring vitamin C, which is thought to help boost immune function. These flavors are also uplifting and refreshing, inspiring feelings of well-being and vitality, while warm flavors such as cinnamon and five-spice powder help reduce physiological stress."


Because taste activates the same area of the brain where we form memories, she said, flavors also trigger emotional responses. Throughout the pandemic, consumers have been relieving stress with nostalgic flavors that elicit feelings of comfort, including vanilla, pumpkin spice, and birthday cake.


"We've also seen bakeries discover new ways to maximize their budgets while still customizing products to meet consumer needs, and to customize on a budget, we suggest bakers use frosting to showcase their creativity and use glazes to turn traditional baked goods into something new."


In addition to COVID-19, see consumers prefer products that are better suited to your needs, whether they are vegan, low sugar, natural flavors, etc. According to Technomic's Away from Home Bakery Study, 91% of consumers believe identifiable ingredients are healthier. Many bakers have incorporated these products into their bakeries and we highly recommend that they continue this trend to best meet consumer demand.


Plant extracts are a great way to get natural flavorings and colorings.

"Natural colors and flavors have become more mainstream because they can be used for a wide range of applications," Taylor said. "Natural colors and flavors are strong enough to bake and/or heat and can be added to ready-to-use products such as buttercream frosting. There are a variety of beautiful natural colors to choose from, including reds, blues, greens and more; the flavor options for various fruits and other flavor profiles are equally varied."


Benefits abound

Because our flavor portfolio includes natural flavors, we are able to help product developers deliver ingredients that appeal to consumers, as our research has found that 50 percent of consumers prefer foods or beverages that contain natural ingredients they believe are good for their health.


Citrus flavors are currently booming in the industry as shoppers look to position functional products that better suit your needs. In fact, according to the June 2020 FMCG Gurus, 57 percent of consumers worldwide reported being more concerned about their immune systems due to COVID-19. The refreshing citrus flavor also indicates overall health attributes, such as mental clarity and energy.


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