How to Make Soap?

Jan. 14, 2021

There are two methods of making soap: the hot method and the cold method.

The hot method is very efficient and can produce a large batch of soap in a few days, but the high temperature causes the natural plant material to evaporate. During the process, a vacuum is used to extract the alkaline ingredients, as well as glycerin, and the soap is made primarily for cleansing purposes. The common soaps on the market are usually made by the hot method.

The cold method, which is made cold, has a long production cycle, is not fancy, retains the glycerin, and is clean and moisturizing. The handcrafted soap, like "Ahara", is first stirred for 6 hours at less than 40°C and then left in a cold, air-conditioned room for 60 days to allow the alkalinity to weaken.

Ethyl 4-Chlorocinnamate

A recipe for handmade soap 

300g of olive oil, 100g of coconut oil, 100g of palm oil, 175g of purified water, 66g of sodium hydroxide, and ethyl 4-chlorocinnamate.

Ethyl 4-chlorocinnamate exists in natural styrax and has fruity aroma. It is better to use together with mycelia and natural It is better to use together with mycelia and natural essential oil of fruit, for example, it is better to use in powder, perfume and essence. Widely used in rose, orange, daffodil, Widely used in rose, orange, daffodil, longshengxiang, amber, suxin LAN, and other flavors, also can be used as perfumery soap, in the soap, powder flavor can coordinate other paste fragrance, and has the role of incense.

You can see that the proportion of coconut palm in this soap is still slightly high, and it is more suitable for people with oily skin in summer. 

Specific method of operation

1. first melt the grease and palm oil in water, weigh the above recipe in the grease, and then mix it well

2. In this step, we will make the lye solution by slowly pouring the weighed sodium hydroxide into the water and stirring it well, then set aside to cool down. When operating this step, be careful not to let the lye splash out, it will release a lot of heat when dissolving, please operate in a ventilated place to avoid the inhalation of fumes.

Wait until the temperature of the lye and grease is around 40°, then you can mix them

Pour the lye into the grease slowly, stirring as you pour so that the lye and grease can mix well. Because the soap becomes thick is a long wait process, please be patient at the beginning of the mixing 10 minutes, the process can be stirred every 10 minutes, as long as the oil and alkali mix fully on

3. When the soap appears yogurt-like you can be ready to start the mold. Pour the soap into the mold, pay attention to the surface of the container with a spatula to scrape the soap also into the mold, after all, this is the cohesion of our efforts, try not to waste it. After pouring it in, gently tap the edges of the mold to expel excess air so as not to become soap with many air holes. Then it will be insulated in a holding tank for about 24 hours, it can be demolded

4. then you can cut the soap, cut the soap and then leave it for about 4 weeks, and then measure whether its PH value is below 9, below 9 can be used.




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