The Safety of Daily Flavors Depends on the Raw Materials

Aug. 17, 2020

In the current flavor industry standards, there are no provisions on the safety of daily flavors.

People once believed that spices were something non-secular, and enjoying the aroma was once closely linked to faith. When spices are offered to gods, they are used for healing, aphrodisiac, perfume, food, cosmetics, etc. Spice interprets the history of ideas from daily life, and it is also a history of civilization process. And what wonderful effect does the temptation of fragrance have on the human body? Our company supplies perfume raw materials.

From a nutritional point of view, the fragrance is not a necessity, it is enjoyment on the sensory level. Broadly speaking, those odorous substances that volatilize from solid and liquid at room temperature are called spices. In an industrial sense, those volatile substances used to prepare flavors are called spices. Spices do not directly affect consumer products. They can only be used in foods, cosmetics, etc. after being formulated into flavors. The essence is a mixture of two or more spices.

Cinnamic Alcohol

There are two types of flavor sources: one is "natural flavors", which are aroma substances extracted from the plant, animal, and microbial materials using "physical methods"; the other is called "synthetic flavor", it is to use mineral composition such as petroleum, coal to get a few "distillate" and the chemical such as acid, alkali, salt through chemical treatment, the aroma substance that processing makes.

In addition to natural or synthetic fragrances, fragrances are also a complex of organic compounds. The essence itself is made up of the main aroma base which shows the flavor characteristics, the flavoring agent blended with all kinds of fragrances, the modifier that makes the flavor change style, and the setting agent that inhibits the volatilization of the perfume and the thinner used to dissolve and dilute the spices.

All flavors 200 years ago can only be formulated with natural flavors, but after the emergence of synthetic flavors, perfumers can almost dispense various flavors of flavors to meet the needs of all walks of life. In the past, there were perfumers who refused to use synthetic fragrances, but with the increasing use of synthetic fragrances, people have more and more demand for fragrances. The extreme perfumers who only use synthetic or natural fragrances to formulate fragrances are very popular. It's rare. For all flavored products, consumers can buy products that smell a pleasant aroma and don't buy products that smell unpleasant. Everyone’s taste for aroma is different. Natural fragrances are not necessarily “expensive”, and synthetic fragrances are not necessarily "cheap". Some natural fragrances such as patchouli oil, vetiver oil, agarwood oil, etc. Can not be prepared.

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