The Difference between Industrial Flavor and Food Flavor

Sep. 09, 2020

The industries and foods that you hear or ask about actually refer to the hygiene level of flavors and basic uses.

Daily chemical flavors are the so-called "industrial flavors" that everyone talks about. "Daily chemicals" are actually "daily necessities and chemicals". For example, the shampoos and shower gels used by everyone use daily chemical flavors and additives, including some Scented ink pens used to attract elementary school students, and children’s toothpaste. Because it does not need to be eaten by humans, some product hygiene standards (including the total number of colonies do not need to be strictly controlled) do not need to meet human edible standards. Some pure industrial products or products basically don’t need fragrance, such as disinfectant and bleach.

Feed flavors are used in breeding to promote the feeding of fish, poultry, pets, etc., and also used to increase nutrition. However, various growth hormones (vitamins, disease-eliminating medicines) are more commonly used in aquaculture. These are feed additives and do not need fragrance. The fragrance is more enticing and promoting food.

The Difference between Industrial Flavor and Food Flavor

Edible additives are additives used in food production, and some are required for taste, such as candies and biscuits. Some products are stable, such as thickeners, curing agents, etc. As long as the amount is strictly controlled, it is safe for humans, animals, and the environment. The fishing industry has used edible flavors for a long time, but the abuse of the amount is very serious, often because the amount is too high, it pollutes the water body and the soil.

Medical flavors are generally used in the production of medicines, such as sugar pill vaccines that everyone ate when they were young. They use edible or even medical-grade flavors. Compared with edibles, medical flavors are only more stringent in terms of hygiene and human environmental requirements.

In the fishing industry, feed additives, edible additives, and medical additives (including flavors) are often mixed. From the perspective of flavor alone, feed is sufficient, but there is no additive flavor production company that specializes in the production of feed. The sanitation level is the difference between the workshop during production. The production of edible flavors is dust-free, medical, and even experimental standards. These sanitary standards are all It is directly linked to the product cost and have nothing to do with product concentration.

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