The Role of α-Methylcinnamic Acid for the Treatment of Diabetes

Jan. 07, 2021

For people with high blood sugar, lifestyle modifications are important. Taking regular breaks and walking around can help reduce blood sugar and insulin levels in the body after eating. Being sedentary or watching TV for more than four hours a day without exercise increases the risk of diabetes and promotes early death. Even walking around the room every hour is good. , α-methylcinnamic acid is a pharmaceutical intermediate, usually used in organic synthesis. α-methylcinnamic acid is also an important intermediate in the synthesis of the therapeutic drug epalrestat. As the number of people with diabetes increases, the demand for this drug increases, and the need for intermediates also increases, and there is an urgent need to improve the process to improve quality.

 Alpha-Methylcinnamic Acid

1. Eat fast

The short time to eat, during which blood sugar rises quickly, easily lead to disruption of pancreatic secretion, than the average person who eats fast is more likely to get diabetes.

2. Drink fruit and vegetable juice instead of fruit

Even if it is low sugar food, after beating into juice, it is like drinking sugar water, which will make the gastrointestinal fast absorption, blood sugar response quickly rise

3. Skip breakfast

A study in the United States showed that compared to those who had breakfast, on days when they did not eat breakfast, the insulin response of the participants rose by 28% and the glucose response rose by 12%, which were moderate and mildly elevated levels.

4. Eat fruits with a high sugar content

For example, bananas, persimmons, lychees, sugar cane, fresh dates, dragon fruit, etc. should be eaten with caution by diabetics

5. Eating wild vegetables indiscriminately

Chinese medicine believes that diabetic patients are not suitable to eat too much cold food. And common wild vegetables such as shepherd's purse, horsetail, marjoram, etc. are basically on the cold side, so diabetic patients should be careful to eat.

Two words to stay away from hyperglycemia

1. Muscle is a natural hypoglycemic agent

From about age 30, if you don't deliberately build muscle, by age 75, half the muscle is gone. Type II diabetes, then, is related to the disappearance of muscles. For insulin to play a role in lowering blood sugar, it needs the help of insulin receptors, and this helper exists on muscle cells. If you do not exercise for a long time, as the muscle decreases, the effect of lowering blood sugar gradually does not work, and blood sugar goes up. So exercise to exercise and preserve muscle.

2. No food can lower sugar

Honestly, no one food is lowering sugar, all food into the belly, will be digested and absorbed, causing blood sugar to rise, only the speed is slow. The more types of food you consume, the slower the rate of glycemic rise than eating a single type of food. Therefore, a meal should not eat only one kind of food, it is best to eat with meat and vegetables, dry and thin, coarse and fine.

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