The Use and Safety of Cosmetic Essence

Aug. 05, 2020

When opening a new cosmetic, we can always smell a fresh and elegant scent. This is because there are fragrance ingredients in cosmetics.

Many cosmetics will be added, this is a very normal phenomenon. So what is the role of fragrance in cosmetics? Can fragrance-containing skin care products work? Perfume raw materials supplier shares with you.

Before that, let us first understand what flavor is?

What is the flavor?

Flavors are artificially synthesized concentrated aromatic oils that mimic the smell of fruits and natural spices. It is an artificial flavor. It is mostly used in the manufacture of food, cosmetics, and cigarettes. The flavor is composed of at least several kinds of perfume raw materials, even dozens of natural synthetic perfumes, or a complex of organic compounds.

Most cosmetic ingredient lists will see the chemical substance "flavor", but do you really understand this substance?

Cinnamyl Alcohol

The role of flavors in cosmetics

Cover the smell of raw materials

Many cosmetic ingredients have characteristic odors, and some are really unpleasant. In order to cover the taste of this raw material, adding flavor is a simple and economical way.

Cater to consumer preferences

Although the amount of fragrance in cosmetics is small, it can provide a pleasant odor and mask the odor of the product matrix. After the skincare product buyer tries it on his hand, he instinctively smells it, which shows how much consumers care about the product odor. These scents also represent the ingredients to be declared. For example, in cosmetics with the concept of Chinese herbal medicines, many people think that the scents produced by Chinese herbal medicine extracts are not actually added flavors. Chinese herbal medicines are just a conceptual ingredient.

Sensory cues

Sensory cues are very important in cosmetics. What are the senses? What you see, hear, smell, and touch are all called senses, and the smell is an important part of the sensory cues in cosmetics.

However, in recent years, there have been more and more consumer allergy complaints due to flavor allergies, mainly because flavors and fragrances are one of the most important allergens in cosmetics, with thousands of varieties, and the rules allow its ingredients to remain private. The accumulated use of inferior and cheap flavors for a long time has potential risks to the skin and human health, but the degree of harm depends on the grade of the flavor, the added content, and individual differences in the human body.

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