Use of Feed Additives

Oct. 09, 2020

Correct use of feed additives

1. Clear the purpose of use. Do you need nutritive feed additives or non-nutritive feed additives?

2. Choose varieties comparatively. At present, there are many manufacturers of feed additives with various varieties. First, we must choose a more well-known manufacturer and buy it from a business enterprise with a higher reputation; second, we must choose to use it relatively, not only for the price but also for the effect.

3. Reasonable and standardized use. Except for some varieties specially used for drinking water, such as instant multivitamins, most of the feed additives can only be fed with dry feed. Adding to wet feed or water feeding will greatly reduce the use effect. Therefore, it cannot be changed casually. How to use it. When using, it should be strictly proportioned and mixed evenly; for multi-species applications, pay attention to the compatibility taboo, and carefully observe the livestock and poultry. Once abnormalities are found, stop feeding immediately.

Feed Additives

Misunderstanding of the use of feed additives

1. Think the more expensive the better. Generally, expensive additives are indeed better in quality and effect, but you cannot blindly follow the price. The key to selection should also be the quality of the feeding effect.

2. It is considered that the more added, the better. In fact, if it is added too much, it will not only cause waste, but also affect the production performance of livestock and poultry, and even cause poisoning in serious cases. Therefore, the additive amount must be moderate.

3. Only one additive is used throughout the feeding period. Different stages of animal growth require different nutrients, and different types of additives are required. For example, additives for laying hens are divided into the brooding period, rearing period, and laying period; additives for pigs are divided into piglets and fattening pigs. If only one additive is used during the entire feeding period, the expected effect will not be achieved.

4. Blindly mix multiple additives. Blind mixed use of multiple types of additives will not only cause repeated addition of some nutrients, causing serious excesses and excesses but also due to the antagonism between nutrients, some nutrients will be destroyed, such as iron ions can quickly destroy vitamin D and vitamin K. Therefore, when using feed additives, they must be properly matched and not abused blindly.

5. No additives are used. The purpose of the use of feed additives is to balance the levels of various nutrients in the feed, and only complete feeds with balanced nutrients can obtain the maximum utilization rate.

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