What Additives Are Used In Cigarettes?

May. 05, 2022

Cinnamic acid is commonly used as a flavor compound in foods and drinks, and for its aroma in perfumes and cosmetics. Cinnamic acid is naturally found in the spice cinnamon, which is derived from the bark of trees from the genus Cinnamomum. The main aromatic compound responsible for the flavor of cinnamon is cinnamyl aldehyde. Cinnamic acid also plays a role as the building block for lignin units and is synthesized from phenylalanine. As mentioned above, microorganisms can also be exposed to cinnamic acid through lignin degradation and allelopathy.


Cinnamic acids play key roles in the formation of other more complex phenolic compounds. The cinnamic acids are rarely present in uncombined forms, occurring primarily as esters of quinic acid, but may also be esterified to malic or tartaric acids, or sugars. Chlorogenic acid (5-caffeoylquinicacid)  is perhaps the most important cinnamic acid observed in fruits, contributing 25% of the dry weight of the bilberry (Vaccinium) fruit. 

Cinnamic Acid

 Cinnamic Acid     

Chlorogenic acid can be isolated from green coffee beans and forms a black compound with iron, believed to be responsible for the blackening of cut or cooked potatoes. Anthocyanin and flavonoid glycosides are also acylated by cinnamic acids through sugar hydroxyl groups, with p-coumaric acid the most common acylating agent. In addition to forming esters, hydroxylated cinnamic acids also form glycosides with sugars.


In general, cigarette is mainly divided into two types, casing feeding essence and flavoring essence, or top dressing flavor and flavoring, called Sugar and fragrance during production as well.


Specific raw materials are used in a wide range of applications, both natural and synthetic has their own application, specific types are mainly selected by type, taste, and characteristics of the tobacco leaf and the cigarette you want to be produced.


Whether it is feeding and flavoring, the addition of the essence is completed in the silk making stage. Flavoring is the last step of the silk-making before the feeding. Tobacco processing adds a lot of spices, natural spices such as tinctures, extracts, essential oils, and many other synthetic fragrances, etc. It is not easy to talk about which ones are commonly used because the specific application can not be sure.

Cinnamic Acid

Cinnamic Acid    

Flavoring is mainly to improve the burning and moisturizing properties of cigarettes, taste of absorption, preventing mildew. Topdressing flavor is to improve the smell and different styles of cigarettes.


In general, addition is sugar substances, such as white sugar, brown sugar, honey, glucose, juice extract, or something else. Or some organic acids that regulate the pH of the smoke, like citric acid, benzoic acid, tartaric acid, and the like. Sometimes some non-sugar sweeteners are added as well.


Topdressing flavor is commonly used in some tobacco extracts, Maillard reactants, natural plant extracts, and many monomeric ingredients (such as ethyl acetate, isoamyl acetate, phenylacetic acid, acetic acid, thione ketone, vanillin, etc. Feeding and flavoring match each other and produce cigarettes in different styles with different tobacco leaves.


The raw materials used for tobacco fragrance are both natural and synthetic. Natural essential oils and extracts of spice plants, such as cinnamon leaf oil, rose oil, clove oil, etc, are all common plant essential oils; synthetic flavors such as cinnamic acid, itself is a kind of spice, which has a good aroma retention effect and can let the aroma of the main fragrance be more fragrant and volatile. Various esters of cinnamic acid (such as methyl ester, ethyl ester, propyl ester, butyl ester, etc.) can be used as a fixative, which is an important part of the flavor of tobacco.


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