What Is the Use of Flavor?

Sep. 23, 2020

As an important cosmetic additive, the role of flavors cannot be ignored. In summary, there are three main aspects:

Cover the smell of raw materials:

Many cosmetic raw materials have characteristic odors, and some are really unpleasant. In order to cover the taste of this raw material, adding flavor is a simple and economical way.

Cater to consumer preferences:

Many people will smell the fragrance before buying washing products, especially shower gels. Buyers of skincare products instinctively smell them after trying them on their hands, which shows how much consumers care about the smell of products.

And these scents also represent the ingredients to be declared. For example, strawberry shower gel and traditional Chinese medicine concept cosmetics, don't people really think that it is a scent produced by adding a lot of strawberry extracts and adding a lot of Chinese medicine? In fact, they are all added flavors.

Cosmetic Additives

Sensory cues:

Sensory cues are very important in cosmetics. What are the senses? What you see, hear, smell, and touch are all called senses, and the smell is an important part of sensory hints in cosmetics.

For example, an anti-allergic cream with the same material, a high-end fragrance, and a low-end fragrance can completely change the consumer's acceptance of the product. This is well understood. But what may be unimaginable is that the same material, two different flavors A and B, and the same consumer use, it can be concluded that the soothing ability of the anti-allergic cream using the A flavor is much higher than that of the same material but different Another product of Flavor B.

The fragrance has important implications for whether the shower gel is refreshing, and even the anti-aging ability of anti-aging products. This is the important role of sensory cues.

Are sensory hints deceiving you? It cannot be said to be cheating. It is to please your sensory needs, and it is better to please consumers in a fierce market. After all, cosmetics are not medicines, and the medicine prescribed by the doctor must be consumed with tears. And the cosmetics are chosen by themselves, and they require a sense of use while having an effect. It is not easy to use and I am too lazy to use yours. You are not the only cosmetic company.

Oh, by the way, the last point is that the popular concept of no additives in the market, whether there is no added flavor in the product, is it free of flavor, or is free of flavor, this also needs to be understood clearly.

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