What Should You Know about Methyl Cinnamate?

Feb. 19, 2021

Methyl cinnamate is used in the flavor and perfume industries. The flavor is fruity and strawberry-like; and the odor is sweet, balsamic with fruity odor, reminiscent of cinnamon and strawberry.


In the international market, it is mainly used in essence, spices and sunscreen. China's GB-2760-2014 provides for the use of edible flavors.In the fragrance industry, methyl cinnamate is mainly used as a fixative and is commonly used in the formulation of carnation, cherry, strawberry, grape and other oriental fragrances due to its fresh, fruity aroma.It is also used in soaps, detergents, flavor agents and pastries.


Methyl cinnamate can be added to cigarette tobacco as flavor enhancers and fragrance compensators.


As an organic synthesis intermediate, it is mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry.The medicinal value of methyl cinnamate: methyl imidazole and methyl cinnamate are used as an intermediate linker to prepare methyl p-bromomethylcinnamate, which is the main raw material for the production of ozagrel. Methyl cinnamate has a positive effect on the inhibition of vitiligo.


In whitening and sunscreen, the effect of methyl cinnamate is obvious. 

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